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Three Jereh's Scientific & Technical Results Reviewed and Approved by Provincial Experts Committee

[09-03-2010] Click:

On August 31st 2010, three Jereh's scientific & technical results were reviewed and successfully approved by a provincial experts committee, which includes CTS10 coiled tubing unit, GJQ70-34ⅡB skid mounted double pump cementing unit, and JR5310TYD nitrogen pumper. By now Jereh has increased the number of provincial scientific & technical results to 11, and it is a symbol that Jereh’s integral engineering capability and industry impact are enhanced.

Department of Science & Technology of Shandong Province assigned Yantai Municipal Administration Office of Science & Technology to sponsor this scientific & technical results assessment conference, and invite Professor Ma Jiaji from Research Institute of Chinese Petroleum & Development and another 6 experts. The committee members carefully reviewed project supervisor's report and conduct an on-site plant tour based on the standard assessment procedure. It's unanimously agreed that all required research tasks are well completed on these three projects and it has reached to an international leading level. The committee members also suggest the company enhance product promotion, complete production line and extend application. 

CTS10 Coiled Tubing Unit

GJQ70-34ⅡB Skid Mounted Double Pump Cementing Unit

JR5310TYD Nitrogen Pumper

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